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        Feel free to Browse our Portfolio of Featured Works to view and be comfortable with our Craftsmenship. Below Listed are a few of our Recent Works. You can Browse our Portfolio - Industry Folio Wise / Service Folio Wise using the Navigator available in the Left Side Pane for your Convenience.

Anugraha Mandhir School | Coimbatore | Every Web Works

Anugraha Mandhir School

        Anugraha Mandhir School offers the best possible learning experiences through activity based participative, interactive & exploratory learning so that children enjoy learning & they are motivated to learn throughout their lives. Though academic excellence is a priority, we prepare our students for life, bringing out their talents, creativity, individuality, developing character, intellect & personality.

Speak Coimbatore | Coimbatore | Every Web Works

Speak Coimbatore

        Our everyday life is consciously and subconsciously endorsed with information. Our significant and everyday Decision’s would be based on these information. But are we receiving accurate and precise information? Are you choosing right Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Hospitals etc.,? Speak Coimbatore try to bridge this comprehensive gap by detail questionnaire by Crowdsourcing Reviews.

TetsuroFest 2015 | Sri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology | Coimbatore | Every Web Works

TesturoFest 2015

        TetsuroFest is the annual Techfest of the Department of Mechatronics Engineering, SKCET. The event sees it’s oncoming this year and aims to kick-off with a head start. “Some say the cup is half empty, while others say it’s half full. However, both the views are wrong. The real problem is the cup being too big! Sometimes all that we need is a new perspective on an old problem to rule the world!

Mexplode v4.0 | Sri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology | Coimbatore | Every Web Works

Mexplode v4.0

        Mexplode, The Annual Technical Symposium of Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, powered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, invites the students from all around the Nation, to put their ingenuity, Perspicasity and aptitude to test on an unparalleled level of competitions. This version of Mexplode 4.0 is all set to epitomize itself as an ultimate platform of cognizance.

Let Us Nature| Coimbatore | Every Web Works

Let Us Nature

        Let Us Nature, a Online Non-Profit Platform to Create Awareness to the Common People on Nature Conservation and Effective Utilization. Our Core Focus Areas are on Bio-Remediation of Rivers, Organic Farming of Broilers, Organic Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Aquaculture, Solid Waste Management, Naturopathy, Veterinary & More.

Murali Kumaar | Coimbatore | Every Web Works

Murali Kumaar

        This site is a portfolio site of Murali. You can get to know more about Murali here. He is currently working in the designation of Assistant System Engineer (ASE) at Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) Pvt.Ltd. In this role he provides support to internal teams responding to service issues, analyzing &troubleshooting problems and prioritizing issues.




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