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Support & Maintenance Services

Worried about the Updates, Threats, Downtimes to your site ? We Offer Expert Support Services !

Support & Maintenance Services | Every Web Works
                Every Web Works towards its Goals on Customer Excellence, offers Support and Maintenance Services as one of the Value added Service Offerings. We assure your Zero Stress / Tension in Maintaining your Website keeping it Up-to-date, Secure and Resilient.

         One of the most important parts of owning and operating a website is maintaining it on a proactive basis. Don’t wait until it is several versions behind, has been hacked or slowed to a crawl, we can keep your site running well now and into the future.

        We understand the customer's need to continually make changes and updates to your Web site. These are things that must be done not only to get new visitors to your website, but to also keep your current visitors coming back thereby making your audience Aware on the Current Trends and Updates. The Change Requests includes Content Updation from Simple Text to Complex Multimedia Content like Video, Flash, Images, Music and Graphics. We help you with Change Requests & Updates, the professional way.

        We also assist you with Bugs and Errors at various levels of Code, Design and Logic and provide upright solutions to fix them in no time.

        Every Web Works helps you with end-to-end Support and Maintenance Features by Handling your Change Requests / Updates to Maintaining them Hassle Free, Keeping you relaxed and enabling you to focus on the Core Business.

Every Web Works Spotlights

  • Continual Monitoring Cycles to take Reactive and Pro-active actions on Downtimes and Performance Issues.

  • Keep the Site Updated with Customer Desired Change Requests / Updates in Stipulated SLA Timelines.

  • Regular Software/App Updates (Core, Theme, Plugins).

  • We assist you with Upgrades to your Infrastructure, Platforms, Migration and Porting in Minimized Downtimes.

  • Our Expert Team Keep us Updated on Real Time Security Threats and Vulnerabilities and their Fixes, this enables us to provide State of the Art Security to all our customers.

  • Regular Backup Cycles to enable Resilience and easy recovery from Downtimes and Risk Causing Incidents in the Site.

  • Periodical Analysis and Reporting to Customers to keep them updated and aware.

  • Cost Effective, Secure and Hassle Free Solutions.







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